Semiconductor and Metal Surface Activation

With oxidizing chemistry, ONTOS can passivate sensitive semiconductor surfaces without damaging them, and can prepare ultra-clean, ultra-activated surfaces for direct bonding: die-to-die, die-to-wafer, or wafer-to-wafer.

ONTOS Atmospheric Plasma also produces highly activated surfaces for improved wetting, wicking, and adhesion. Activation has been demonstrated on Sn, Ag, Cu, Au, In, Ni, Al, Ti, Si, SiO2, Si3N4, Al2O3, photoresist, and FR composites.

The contact angle photos below for Tin-Silver are typical for all of the materials we have tried to date:

Semiconductor and Metal Surface Activation
With reducing chemistry, comparable surface activation can be achieved while avoiding the oxidation of metal surfaces. This can be extremely useful in preparing photoresist-patterned wafers for subsequent aqueous processes such as plating, etching, anodic oxidation, etc.

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ONTOS is used for many applications within the semiconductor industry for Surface Preparation using a uniquely designed, patented Atmospheric Plasma with oxidizing or reducing chemistry. ONTOS:

  • Performs Cleaning
  • Eliminates Organic Contamination
  • Activates Surfaces
  • Removes Oxidation

Our innovative process applies a gaseous passivation that delays the re-oxidation of the metallic surfaces. Learn more about the process and where ONTOS is used!