Company Overview


ONTOS Equipment Systems is a leading supplier of atmospheric plasma machines designed to replace vacuum equipment and wet processing to produce contamination-free, highly-activated surfaces to enhance cost, yield, and throughput in microelectronics manufacturing. Our customers include RF, Optoelectronic and Defense market leaders. Headquartered in the USA with established world-wide distribution channels, sales and service is provided in more than 20 countries around the world.

Company Overview

Our atmospheric plasma system is designed for and focused on the semiconductor manufacturing and packaging industry. Our patented (and patent pending) equipment and processes provide a unique advantage to our customers to enable low-cost, high yield, high-speed, chip-to-chip interconnect bonds at room temperature with minimal force. ONTOS Atmospheric Plasma also improves surface activation for direct bonding, aqueous wetting, contamination removal, adhesive bonding, and more. With dedicated engineering resources to provide turnkey customizable equipment and rapid qualification of new processes, ONTOS Equipment Systems provides an affordable, clear and dependable path from concepts to manufacturing.


In 2011, company co-founder, Eric Schulte, was looking for a solution to remove indium oxide from FPAs. Nothing had been available in the industry at that time that was clean, device safe, reliable and did not require wet chemistries. Schulte approached industry expert Mathew Phillips who agreed to support the development of a surface preparation product based on atmospheric plasma with dry chemistries. Thus the ONTOS product line was born.

In surface activation and cleaning, cleanliness is often measured at the atomic level. Cleaner technology results in better end products. That's the ONTOS promise.

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