Surface Preparation for Bonding:

  • SnAg, SAC, Cu, Ni, Ag, In, Au – reflow or TC bonding
  • Au-to-Au (demonstrated as low as 100°C)
  • Cu-to-Cu (demonstrated as low as 250°C)
  • SiO2–to–SiO2 (demonstrated at Room Temp)

Photoresist residue removal:

  • Removes all traces of post-development PR residue
  • Replaces Oxygen RIE or UV-Ozone– reduce oxides on exposed metals instead of growing them
  • Activates photoresist surface for excellent wetting during aqueous processes

Photomask cleaning:

  • Removes organic contamination without damaging sensitive mask materials (EUVL-safe!)
  • Enables extreme wetting for aqueous cleaning processes – spot-free.

Native oxide removal from semiconductor surfaces:

  • Epi preparation
  • Remove uncontrolled air oxidation and organics
  • Capable of dangling bond passivation with Nitrogen, Oxygen, or Hydrogen
  • Zero bombardment damage

Organic contamination removal prior to adhesive bonding:

  • Very effective at removing organics, including Silicones
  • Activates surfaces for better wicking and adhesion

Pre-plating surface preparation:

  • De-scums photoresist or laser-etched pattern
  • Reduces oxides from plating base.
  • Activates resist surface, sidewalls, and plating base for optimum wetting
  • Even in very small geometries

OEM version of the Ontos Plasma Head
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