OntosIS (OEM) Atmospheric Plasma System

Atmospheric Plasma Head for Integration into Third Party Equipment

The OEM version of the ONTOS Plasma Head is available for integration into third party equipment. The Plasma Curtain is available in several widths (down to 10mm) to enable optimization of the gas consumption on smaller devices or to adapt to larger devices. Integrated into custom equipment Integration engineering resources available Automation compatible

OntosTT Atmospheric Plasma Tool
ONTOS plasma cleaning a 200mm wafer.


  • Uniquely‐designed atmospheric plasma source with 25mm‐wide process zone (smaller or larger width available upon request). The glow discharge‐type plasma is entirely contained inside the source.
  • 300 W RF generator has a wide‐range auto‐tune network, system computer control and monitoring of forward and reflected power. Safety interrupts.
  • 3 Mass Flow controllers provide precise digital control of gas to the plasma source. A 4th MFC is user definable.
  • Fully automatic process control with ergonomically‐mounted touchscreen display. Software developed in LabVIEW™. Menu‐driven interface with user configurable recipe libraries.

Facilities required:

  • Power: 110‐220VAC single‐phase, 15A.
  • Gases: 4 channels of gas supply by ¼” stainless or Teflon tubing; Swagelok compression fittings. (All gases are non‐toxic, non‐flammable.)
  • Exhaust: 1-3 cfm.
  • Lab vacuum: 20‐25” Hg for stage vacuum.

Atmospheric Plasma Head Ontos
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