Application Videos

Preparation prior to Capillary Underfilling

ONTOS reducing chemistry reduces the oxidation of high-density bumps (SnAg) on a BGA chip, while activating the silicon nitride passivation for faster wicking of the underfill material.

Surface Activation, Bare Silicon

Wetting enhancement test with nitridizing chemistry.

Surface Activation, Polyimide

Test structure of laser-drilled holes in thick polyimide on silicon. ONTOS treatment enables wetting all the way to the bottom of the vias.

Surface Activation prior to Plating

ONTOS reducing chemistry improves wetting of a patterned positive photoresist over copper plating base, while reducing the oxidation of the exposed copper areas.

Surface Activation prior to Encapsulation

ONTOS oxidizing chemistry improves significantly the wettability of a module made of highly hydrophobic TECOTHANE.

Encapsulation, Perimeter Wetting

ONTOS treatment after bond (conventional reflow) enhances encapsulation flow around a die and eliminate bubbles and voids in the fillet.

Photoresist Stripping

ONTOS oxidizing chemistry removes thick (5-microns) implanted photoresist on bare silicon wafer.

OES- Activation-Water Test (2)

OES- Activation Contact Angle